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Compsys: Computing Simplified

Robert Williams , Founder & CEO
In an industry intrinsically leaning towards the latest technology, Compsys stands tall with a strong motto of “Customers are more than just customers.” The foundation on which the company was built two decades ago has never waned and it abides by its long-standing philosophy diligently. Not to forget, Compsys possesses the quality of services and solutions to have procured the title of the most reliable IT outsourcing partner. With a vision to build a full service IT company, Compsys has grown into one of the mainstays in the Network Design and Integration solutions space. The firm from Arkansas provides services that guarantee customer satisfaction and it has been quite successful in its pursuit of being a one-stop opportunity for all computer needs and related queries.

The Three Pillars

Compsys’s success in the industry is down to a simple ‘White glove approach’ that it follows to deal with the clients. Williams explains, “When a customer is on-boarded, we examine every piece of their business workflow, and build in efficiency and ease of use.” With the approach, Compsys delivers on several fronts like Remote support, On-site services, and Cloud services. The firm implements Remote support services in their solutions to provide a fast and clean method of providing assistance and training to their customers. The team at Compsys realizes the importance of a support team to handle potential computer related issues and fulfills the requirement with aplomb that. The company offers a better and significantly cost effective alternative to full-time employees or expensive temporary resolvers who can troubleshoot, resolve, and manage client’s network without actually being an insider.
Compsys’s On-site services are chiefly based on Hardware as a Service (HaaS). Network management is an important aspect of its On-site services. Network issues directly amount to thousands of dollars per year. The firm’s award winning automation software helps prevent Network issues from cropping up every now and then, and proactively takes steps to keep minimal downtime throughout the year. It also takes care of routers, firewalls, Microsoft and third-party updates, anti-virus, disk maintenance, and others.

As part of its monitoring services, Compsys provides Disk monitoring, Reporting, Printer monitor, Fragmentation, RAID monitor, Offline notifications, and keeps up to date with hacking activities and sends immediate alerts, among other things. Running parallel with Network management is Compsys’ Network Design and Implementation service, which assists organizations in letting the network function properly for a long time. Its years of experience of working with different technologies, helps them to design and implement new designs or upgrade existing ones. Compsys also has experience with a range of hardware and software that can aid clients in maintaining their networks. Some of them include Fiber Networks, VMWare ESXi, Sonicwall Firewalls, Cisco Firewalls, Microsoft Exchange, DHCP, Citrix Xenserver, among others.

Cloud and Communication services

Compsys’ cloud-based services are hosted in private data centers, and are fully secure and compliant. Williams adds, “We provide a number of solutions to meet the myriad of needs required by our clients. From virtual desktops, virtual servers, DAS, encrypted file share, and cloud based email services, we utilize or create what is needed.” The firm’s Cloud-based services are Workstation and Laptop Monitoring, Compsys Secure Backup, Private Email Hosting, Voice over IP, and Cloud servers and Storage. Compsys with its updated security system keeps the clients’ Workstation and Laptop clean by providing security patches, and keeping up with the third party products such as Adobe Reader, Flash, Google Chrome, among others. The firm also provides secure and reliable enterprise backups that are not at risk to human error and unreliability saving an average business $8,000. Compsys’s Cloud Enterprise backup allows to backup operating systems, perform application level backups, exchange servers, SQL servers, restore entire system, and reduce restore time by 90 percent. The Hosted Exchange from the firm helps improve business productivity by delivering powerful and reliable email. The private hosting email allows for a self-service portal where the client can configure the way he likes and have access from any PC, Mac or any mobile device.

The firm manages to give a complete, integrated, and secured product that is scalable as the clients grows

Communication is the backdrop of every business and it is vital to have an advanced communication set up. So Compsys helps improve the communications, while driving productivity forward. With businesses always being in a state of flux the need to adjust seamlessly regardless remains immense. The Compsys transformation is easy to learn, easy to use, simple, and cost effective bringing the focus back to the business rather than the communication system. With the firm’s Voice over IP, the client can avail Call Conferencing, Call Management, Virtual Auto Attendants, Reporting, and a lot more. The benefits of these cloud services range from the flexibility to change the scale, effective and intuitive user interface, application integration, complete control over the set up, and limitless call routing features for optimal productivity. The firm also offers Cloud Desktop and Application Virtualization that gives the clients the freedom to access and work from anywhere.

Compsys has built Citrix platform, which delivers desktops to employees to share applications, data, and have an identical set up to non-cloud based computers. With a layered approach to meet any of the clients’ requirements or configurations, the firm manages to give a complete, integrated, and secured product that is scalable as the clients grows. Compsys develops and designs custom solutions for each client in accordance with their needs and requirements. Their key products include Comprehensive Network Monitoring, Software as a Service, Real Time Compliance Monitoring, Custom Software Development, and Compsync. Williams summarizes, “We integrate all of these products together to create a complete integrated and secure product to meet our clients’ needs.”

Moving Forward

The firm reaches out to a wide spectrum of domains such as law practices, medical facilities, state and local governments, advertising firms, accounting firms, banks and many others and aids them with tailored solutions. Williams elaborates, “At the core, all of these industries have similarities. We start with a solid foundation and we build the uniqueness for each industry on this foundation. A clean custom environment designed for the end-user’s ease of use will win the day every day.” The company strives to overcome any challenge the clients might face and tries to hit a fine balance in streamlining workflows and maintaining a resemblance to organizations’ existing procedures. The case of a healthcare organization is proof of this approach.

The healthcare organization had an aging hardware and a decentralized design. A precarious position that put them in desperate need of a full hardware refresh, a solution to consolidate across the entire enterprise for efficiency, and to meet the mandatory HIPAA compliance at a significantly affordable price. Compsys in response designed SaaS, Citrix-based cloud solution also in conjunction with HaaS product. This solution solved the multisite requirement and fulfilled the need of a new hardware. Compsys created a privately hosted, encrypted, and secure exchange environment and thereafter added a layer of local security monitoring. This led the company to ultimately meet the HIPAA compliance needs. It proved to be a clean, affordable, and scalable solution that catered to the client’s specific requirements.

Having served numerous such organizations operating in various industries, the company is now celebrating its 25th year in the industry - a milestone achieved through years of hard work and practicing a customer-first approach. Compsys looks to trudge along the same path, constantly watching the industry for new technologies to continually improve its services. Currently, its focus is on specific cloud-based solutions to help virtualize individual applications for use in mobile applications. With a balanced and well thought out plan, the firm is certain to make further inroads in the IT industry and establish its name in the IT history books.
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Robert Williams , Founder & CEO

Expertised in Remote Support, Network Design & Implementation and Cloud Services

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