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Turn-key Technologies: Cutting- Edge Network Design Solutions

Craig Badrick, CEO
The demand for networking solutions has never been greater. With lots of data and information to aggregate, which needs to be accessed easily 24x7, networking plays an important role in helping organizations meet their objectives. Networking allows for sharing of information and resources within an organization. It also facilitates intelligent flow of information within the same organization. So, which are the best networking solutions that ensure that everyone and everything works seamlessly, reliably, and in a cost-effective manner? Specializing in the design and implementation of wireless as well as wired communication networks, Turn-key Technologies offers tailor-made network design solutions to help businesses build and grow.

Since its inception in the early 90s, Turn-key Technologies, also referred to as TTI, prides itself as one of the pioneers of wireless networking strategies. TTI started implementing wireless communication frameworks long before people started experimenting with Wi-Fi as a communication standard. While many IT companies struggled with the transition from traditional networking to Wi-Fi being the primary way most users and devices attach to the network, TTI excelled as their engineering staff had extensive experience in wireless communications before Wi-Fi was even standardized. This allowed the company to provide more complete and functional solutions to their customers.

Clients have different demands and this is the reason behind the customer specific solutions offered by TTI. This necessitates a site survey before any deployment is done to determine among other things the capacity, network requirements, and mode of application. “We provide a wireless network design for every wireless deployment that we do. This includes an extensive Q&A with the customer discussing existing issues, areas of high density or high bandwidth applications, future applications, device types, and more. We then utilize the latest in RF software to provide us with a predictive coverage model right down to AP type and antenna selections,” says Craig Badrick, CEO, Turn-key Technologies. “All of this is followed by an on-site validation of the coverage.”

TTI started implementing wireless communication frameworks long before people started experimenting with Wi-Fi as a communication standard

Network performance is something TTI takes very seriously. After all, what’s the point of being on a network if you can’t communicate with others on the network? One of the issues responsible for a break up in communication is poor cabling. To deal with this issue, TTI has a network clean up exercise to manage the cables. “Over time, network closets can become a tangled mess of cables, patch cords, and fiber,” observes Badrick. “This makes troubleshooting time consuming and difficult, creates trip/fall hazards, which in turn creates network outages, and also can greatly increase mean time to repair. Our network clean-up services will color coordinate patch cables to network function. Cable management will be properly installed and utilized, port counts and utilization will be documented and up to date and accurate network diagrams can be provided,” he says.

Post-deployment support is another thing TTI prides itself in. The company helps clients understand how to operate the new technology after it has been installed. They can also contact technical support for more assistance at no cost for one year.

Security is another major concern when it comes to network deployment and to deal with this issue, TTI implements the best security solutions to ensure the client’s networks are not compromised. The company provides some of Gartner’s top Magic Quadrant solutions for network security. “These can be physical appliances, virtual solutions or cloud based,” adds Badrick.

Technology is changing at a fast pace and to stay in the game one needs to continuously improve skills and expand knowledge base. Working on the same lines, TTI invests heavily in its workforce, making sure they possess the skills needed to thrive in the industry. They also strive to attain the relevant industry certifications and accreditations.

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